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There is a problem..

I played the game before just fine, but it's not working for some reason. Audio is loading, but not the video.

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Heavily Inspired and Concerned

Great game, love the idea, but for an anime fan such as my self, it's VERY easy to see how inspired some of the characters, weapons, and attacks were from Bleach. 8 for good gameplay, but nothing higher for how glitched it is.

Might want to rethink Networks appearance before anyone else notices where the initial design is from, someone might shit bricks and try to start something ;)

The first stage

I don't understand. Once you get the wings, how do you get any further? Their are doors blocking, with no way to open them.


Well, first of all. Good idea, good beat... but, everytime I start, everything is moved ahead of where it should be. Rather then hitting the arrows inside the target, I have to hit them when their just coming into the screen which is extreamaly difficult. Please, fix this bug or give us the option to change the quality setting.

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Awe come on!

I don't care how long it takes, you have to finish this. It's a great game!

^^ Yay

This was awesome, ever here of gamer army?

I was wondering.

Just what was the morse code?

Full on ten stars!

This game is amazing. It has your standard anime, your overall Otaku know how, and of course... my favorite part... THE TENTICAL RAPE!
Omg, I died cause I laughed so hard. Great work! I would love to see this game redone with some better drawing.

I like your take on Goku. XD

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I love games like this, I think their neat and they help kill some time well things are loading XD. Awsome game, looking forwards to more.

To Durge...

First of all, you don't actually shoot his hat. You shoot him. I had no glitches through the entire game, so maybe your computer needs an update? Personally, I thought the game was awsome. Dispite my horriable aim.
How ever, I didn't like the fact that the very hard missions... were as easy as the others.

I love voice acting, and acting. Just trying to get by in life now. Eating, working, sleeping, living with my partner and chilling with my soul.

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