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This hits just as heavy as the original. Great jo b!

Didn't you do another voice demo?

Pretty sick shit, been playing Dead Space 2 while listening to this. Suites a lot of the high action moments really well.

Fuck me...

Never heard Dub like that before, bring us some more.

KyvoX responds:

Thanks mate :)

This reminds me..

Oh the song Red Wind to some extent. Maybe it was just how it was done with the echoing effect. I dunno, but I like it. 4/5 9/10

Glomple responds:

Thanks! Never heard of that song, actually.

Cool yet..

This sound more industrial and technological then ambient. I'd love to hear this in a mechanical setting in a video though.

I hope someone picks this up for an animation man. Keep it going!

AliceMako responds:

You could be right, i do post a lot in the industrial section.

Thank you graciously for your kind words.

Out of curiosity, what manner of creature are you portraying? :3


o .o I don't really understand, but this is some awesome, yet creepy shit man...

This shit is what Epic Mickey should of been like.

EZListener responds:

Thanks! We appreciate it! That's a more positive reaction than we ever imagined. I'll try my best to enlighten you. Each track in our project is sort of a step in this Disney-lead concentration camp's process. This is the first step. Steamboat Willy is escorting the campers to their new home. We work hard on each track and craft it with thorough detail, as if it were a film or a painting, focusing on very specific details.


This is awesome, however I'd like to correct the man below me. Pocket Monsters has been around in Japan since the 80's as a book series, airing for the first time in North America in Canada in late 1999. Digimon was actually aired in March of 1999, proving to have come months before Pokemon (or Pocket Monsters). Digimon wasn't as popular though, so there are fierce debates on which came first.

But if you haven't checked it out yet, you should. Digimon rules.


Alright, you did a lot better with this one, though there is still some collision. I like it more then your other though. Fav part was at about 1:20 to 1:54.

Keep it up!

TBC-x1x2x3 responds:

Thanks for the reviews. I also experimented a bit in this song. My later work is less experimental. I had fun making this song. I was trying alot of different things when I made my first tracks.

Catchy but...

I had a problem with the way some of the instruments collided rather then complimenting each other... not sure if that was the intention or not... but my ears hurt a little.

Sounded nice at the beginning though, so try again, alright?

TBC-x1x2x3 responds:

Maybe it's because I used two basses. It was a little experiment, but I guess it didn't turn out that good after all.

I love voice acting, and acting. Just trying to get by in life now. Eating, working, sleeping, living with my partner and chilling with my soul.

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